Martini is a decentralized fashion ecosystem which facilitates investment in emerging designer brands and offers a global marketplace for trading fashion-related products and services.
We believe the future world should be decentralized and equal - for fashion as well. Fashion will no longer be defined by a handful of brands and emerging fashion designers will have the chance to show their talents to a global audience and individuals will have the choice and the means to support designers, monetize skills and trade valuables on a transparent and trustless platform.


Emerging Brand Investment

blockchain-based crowd funding platform
The emerging brand investment module is a blockchain-based crowd funding platform, facilitating anyone interested in fashion to invest in designer brands. It offers emerging fashion designers a platform where they are able to create profiles, list their current portfolios and plans for upcoming clothing lines. Designers will be able to offer equity campaign, where they offer dividends to investors in exchange for investment.

Fashion marketplace

P2P marketplace without intermediaries
Global fashion marketplace for fashion product and professional services, handled through our platform protocol which critically relies on the Martini utility token(MTN). Martini Token(MTN) acts as a value transacting medium and allows interchanging of valuables between users on the Martini platform. Built on top of the funding module, Martini marketplace already has its unique advantage - existing userbase who are interested both in investing and consuming fashion.

Martini Executive Board

Martini Executive Board (MEB) will be an important decision-making body in the brand investment module. The profile of each applicant will be meticulously reviewed by MEB and they will be entrusted with the task of deciding on designers with the greatest perceived return on investment. Besides, they will need to monitor if designers are performing their obligations. MEB members will be rewarded with commission fees collected from each successful payoff of revenue.

Be a Board Member

Value for Everyone


Fashion Designer

Martini provides the best and most efficient way to raise fund for emerging designers' clothing lines. Designers will conveniently achieve this by giving part of the revenue to investors. Especially for niche brands that cater to under-served markets, the time and cost to build a direct-to-consumer brand and scale the business will be reduced drastically.


Fashion Professionals

Martini presents the most dedicated platform for fashion-related professionals. Models, photographers and other professionals will be able to monetize their skills and work for the brands they personally appreciate. "Fashion Martinis for all".


Individual Investors

Martini gives individuals access to invest in one of most profitable businesses. The business of fashion will eventually be accessible to anyone in the world and fashion will no longer just be defined by a few brands. Everyone could contribute to the success of future stars in the fashion industry.


Fashion Lovers

Martini facilitates the conversation with designers and end consumers, which incorporates a much more personal touch than traditional e-commerce platform. Furthermore, designers who are funded on Martini will opt to sell their latest, chic and unique designs only in our marketplace, which offers exclusivity to our community members.

Work on Martini

15 Fashion designers ranging from talented Parsons/Central Saint Martins graduates to independent brand owners and 20 fashion professionals including models, photographers who has previously worked for prestigious brands has signed up interest form to work on Martini.
This is what some of them think:

Lily Pan

"As a recent fashion school graduate, I'm fascinated by the idea of working for myself with genuine supporters. I've interned at different places, but it's far from being able to decide which way to go in designing a clothing line."

Benjamin Katcher

"Having many chances to collaborate emerging brands really excites me. I always want to look for differenct things in life and I don't think fashion should be defined by just a few designers."

Rebecca Seaman

"Being a freelancer model for five years, I am constantly looking for oppotunities and exposure. I think Martini would difinitely help a lot with that. It'd be fantastic to work for those niche brands that I personally love!"


Token Allocation

For Sale


Founding Team


Company Reserve




ERC20 Token

Name MTN

Price ETH 0.000025

Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Hard Cap $7.5M

Soft Cap $0.5M

*Only individuals with over 20ETH contribution are eligible to apply to be a member of Martini Executive Board.

Token Sale

3-Day Early Bird April

50% Bonus



30% Bonus



20%, 10%, 0 Bonus

We've got it all planned out.

We will use raised fund to fuel our project and we will always put our vision on top of everything. Decentralized future - Grab a martini, WE ARE IN.


R&D 40%;     Marketing 40%;
Operations: 15%;     Overheads: 5%

Research & Development

  • Whitepaper release
  • Martini system achitecture development
  • Alpha prototype launch on testnet
Developers Wanted!
Marketing & Partnership

  • Raise community awareness and attract talented fashion school graduates
  • Initialize partnerships with emerging designer brands on Shopify and TaoBao
Community Manager Wanted!

esp. east-asian language speakers

Reward: approx. 1000 USD

Research & Development

  • MVP launch
  • Martini integrates with a third party KYC platform
  • Platform Protocols audited and launched on testnet
Developers Wanted!
Marketing & Partnership

  • Further expansion of partnership
  • Mentorship and assitance offered to designers on board with Martini
  • Reach a global audience
Community Manager Wanted!

esp. east-asian language speakers

Reward: approx. 1000 USD

Research & Development

  • Go live on mainnet
  • Platform Maintainance and feature updates
  • Partnership with contract auditing firm
Developers Wanted!
Marketing & Partnership

  • World's first decentralied fashion show
  • Partnership with world-renowned fashion insititues to provide a platform for talented students to shine
Community Manager Wanted!

esp. east-asian language speakers

Reward: approx. 1000 USD

Who Made Martini?

The Martini team consist of a mix of business, technologist and financial members and we are excellent at executing.

Mattia Fusetto

CEO / Co-Founder

Mattia is a fashion consultant with extensive experience in helping fashion brands to grow. He has worked as sales marketing director in Gucci and he holds an MBA degree from SDA Bocconi, Italy.

Maki Otsuka


Maki has been in the fashion industry for 8 years. She has very deep understanding of how fashion works in the APAC region. She is excellent at inititating partnerships and finding new market opportunities.

Felix Hildmann


Felix is a keen researcher in the blockchain field. He has been on the frontier of tech industry and has worked at prestiougous research centers. He holds a PhD degree from KTH, Stockholm.


Stephan Möller

Senior engineer

Stephan has been leading tech teams in different companies. He has extensive amount of experience in software development process.

Lisa Heinonen

Senior Designer

Lisa is an artist, designer and the creative spark of our team. She has experience in large design consulting firms. She is known for creating flawless user experience.

Erik Friedland


Erik has been an investment manager in large frims. He is also an early investor in crytocurrency(mainly BTC, ETH) and he manages multiple crypto portfolio.